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MBOC Protects Your Bottom Line

Merrigan, Brandt & Ostenso, PA. works closely with clients to help business run smoothly. With more than fifty years of experience, our attorneys are seasoned negotiators and litigators. We facilitate business agreements and resolve breach of contract disputes. If litigation becomes necessary, our lawyers work tirelessly to defend your rights in court. After all, contracts form the backbone of any successful business. Keeping them accurate and enforceable helps avoid costly lawsuits.

Potential remedies for a breach of contract

Breach of contract occurs when one party breaks the terms of the agreement. The innocent party has a number of remedies available, including monetary damages, specific performance, and contract cancellation.

Most types of civil litigation seek financial payment from the breaching party to the non-breaching party. Compensatory damages should put the innocent party in the same position as if the contract were properly performed. Punitive damages are designed to punish a wrongful party for its actions. The parties can also predetermine the amount of damages in the terms of the contract through a liquidated damages clause.

Let’s get to work

Whether you are negotiating a business deal or trying to recover losses after a breach of contract, our attorneys protect your best interests though innovative solutions and an acute attention to detail.

Merrigan, Brandt & Ostenso, PA. protects your interests at every turn. Call us today at 952-777-2283 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation. We offer flexible hours to accommodate busy entrepreneurs and are conveniently located near Main Street in Hopkins.